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Let's bring tourist back to rural communities!

In Costa Rica we are well known for our nature, biodiversity and most of all for our people. At Fundación Horizontes we are working with small family businesses to help them re-build their main source of income…tourism. 

We need to help families re-build their small businesses with new communications tools and strategies, leadership, business capacities, and key basic infrastructure to restart their operations under challenging conditions such as COVID-19.

With everyone`s support we can help with their most urgent needs! Your contributions can provide the resources for each family to reset and restart their jobs.

The projects we are supporting are located north and south of CR:

The Northern Corridor of Costa Rica, an extraordinary cluster of landscapes that encompass active volcanoes, waterfalls, navigating rivers amongst pristine forests and wonderful tropical beaches. The local community Tourism Chambers are working on resetting this small scale, nature based, community driven destinations.

Within the touristic route, 2000 jobs and 270 small family businesses depend on tourism, taking adventure travelers from the northern lowlands all the way to the North Pacific beaches. Besides the breathtaking landscapes, the one thing you truly treasure is the stories of the locals, full of pride, dedication, positivity and hope for a better tomorrow.

The Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula, which holds 2,5% of the world's biodiversity. Roads of Osa (The Osa Trails) is a local organization of families that have learned how to thrive through sustainable tourism. They promote environmental conservation and development of rural communities through a tourism model that improves the quality of life, without compromising the integrity of the ecosystems. 

For the last five years these group of families have taken travelers through an exciting, authentic and life-changing experience, immersed in the incredible rainforest. Hiking, kayaking, and sharing with the locals and staying in their homes are some of the highlights of the trip. They are now specialists in making people happy but unfortunately there are no travelers visiting.

The COVID emergency has been hard on everyone, especially on our rural communities. Help us help them!

Your contributions and solidarity will be vital for small business owners to develop new capacities and find new opportunities to grow…

At Fundación Horizontes we are committed to sustainable tourism as a way to enhance better livelihoods; our engagement and efforts are directed to the family-run businesses and rural communities, which are key to local prosperity.

Join us! With your support we can help families build their tourism businesses again.

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