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Meet the entrepreneurial families who have developed projects in rural areas!

And let's help bring tourism back to these areas affected by the Covid-19 pandemic...

La Cruz
City and beach tour

La Cruz is a border city with beautiful landscapes, multicultural expressions, historical sites, and an old border post where only a wooden gate separates us from Nicaragua, local roads lead to fabulous beaches with bright sand and crystal-clear sea. This community organizes tours to expose the natural and cultural wealth of its city and benefit from the economic boost that sustainable tourism brings.

After the challenges of Covid 19, our goal is to support them with training, improvement of the visited sites, and commercialization of their touristic offerings.

Waterfalls tour
by Gavilan Tours

Waterfalls of breathtaking scenic beauty, forests, trails, blue water rivers, hot springs, and a stop at a small restaurant with delightful food typical of the region, are part of the attractions of this tour.

Two enthusiastic young people founded their tourist company, in order to promote the attractions of their small town as a tourist destination and to benefit their community with education, women empowerment, and conservation efforts. Your donation will help us provide the training they need to elevate their business and reach more tourists, to ensure a better present and promising future.

Tubing Tour - Río Celeste Nature

Tubing consists of touring the waters of the river on an inflatable donut, and always hand in hand with a guide. All the tour guides are natives of the area, such as Josh and family, who grew up tubing for fun and now run their business. During Covid 19, their equipment fell into disrepair so funds attained will help them to renew it and keep their operation safe and fun.

Moreover, their plans include to keep working on conservation efforts around their area and getting continuous training to keep improving.

Bazu Sugar Mill

Showing the work and tradition of a sugar mill and the cultivation of corn to visitors is the inspiration of this family and offering hospitality and warmth is their business. Noylin, the family leader, highlights that family unity is the main achievement of this project.

The decline in tourism due to Covid 19 has also affected them. They need support to promote their business, keep their doors open, and to keep showing tourists the Costa Rican culture, which is as rich as the sweet products and tortillas they make.

Tropical Paradise Tours

Meet Rosy, she runs a rural family business, a small tour operator company immerse in beautiful, intense nature.

Tropical Paradise tours offers professionalism and warmth and also collaborates with local reforestation and educational programs to raise awareness among tourists and the local community with the mission of protecting the biodiversity of the area.

After the lack of visitors due to Covid 19, Rosy needs support to update equipment and advertise her business so she can achieve her goal of leaving a legacy of respect for nature.

Maleku Experience

In a ranch with a palm roof, and dressed in their traditional typical costume, the Maleku indigenous people teach tourists how they connect spiritually to their god, in a traditional ceremony that helps them preserve their culture.

Hiqui, a woman committed to her family and community, has also been affected by the absence of visitors due to Covid 19.

She needs help to rebuild their ranch, destroyed by heavy rains, where they receive tourists and exhibit handicrafts.

Their vision is to perpetuate their ancient ways in a world of harmony and respect.

Tree Chocolate Tour

True local identity is present in this family business. Owners Runia and Gerardo take visitors through their cocoa plantation, where they show the process of drying and roasting the cocoa while pointing to medicinal plants and tasting delicious fruits. The tour ends with indulging on a fresh cup of chocolate while visiting their store, enjoying all the products that are made right there. The pandemic years, were harsh on them.

Now, this family needs to learn about the benefits of social media advertising and receive training to keep their business open.

Donations will help them revitalize the economy of their community.

Tapir Valley Reserve and
Rainforest Wildlife Tour

Walking among trails surrounded by impressive flora and fauna in a preserved forest where tourists could observe tapirs and learn about their contribution to local biodiversity... this is what Donald and his family offer. They began to restore this forest 16 years ago as lovers of ecotourism, environmental education, and their relationship with the local community.

Visitors were scarce due to Covid 19, helping this family with social media exposure and training will result in benefits to their small business. And to nature, from which we all benefit.

Rancho Mayrita Restaurant

This homey place depicts pure rural authenticity, with its red floors, wood fire, and the smell of delicious home-cooked meals. The welcoming warmth of Mayra and her family and excellent service make it the type of small business we want to support because when we do, they can make improvements to their home and get training and exposure on social media, which will help this family and the small community of Gavilan.

La Palma Cafeteria

Rocío is a community leader, entrepreneur, and owner of a small restaurant that serves traditional foods on the Osa Peninsula. She is a tireless worker; daily from 05:30 in the morning she serves her clients and tourists, who savor typical dishes, with a taste of tradition and human warmth, prepared with products harvested in the area because she is a firm believer in benefiting the local economy.

We are sure that as we support her business with marketing strategies, she can continue to promote the betterment of her community.

Don Carmen Sugar Mill

Noemy & Johnny offer a tour of their artisanal mill where honey is produced. They warmly welcome tourists and tell them about the history of sugarcane, their business and why they take care of the environment. Tourists enjoy the activity of extracting the juice from the fruit they grow on their land and feasting on the snacks they prepare, savoring the experience of rural community tourism.

By promoting the sustainability of their business, we contribute to the improvement of their quality of life and the community as well.

Finca Las Minas

In the middle of a protected forest stands the shed where Rosa and Juan receive tourists with simplicity and fondness in every detail of the tour. They share authentic accounts of their life as gold miners and how they became a protective family of the environment. Through sustainable tourism they have been able to overcome the challenges of intense poverty and improve their quality of life.

Covid 19 has put a damper on their lives, but if we help them improve the infrastructure and marketing strategy of their business, they can get back to pursuing a better future for themselves and their children.

Palmito Tour

Eida and Yorleni take visitors through their palm plantation, which ends up with the tasting of delicious dishes made from hearts of palm. This family project requires help from everyone in their families, to cut the palm, which has many thorns, but has a soft and delicious heart that becomes the main ingredient of savory dishes.

Eida and Yorleni, both agree that it takes courage and learning to run the business.

Our objective is to obtain the funds to help them overcome the difficulties they encountered after Covid 19.

Training and promotion of their business will ensure we meet this goal.

Kayak Tour

Alvaro is the owner of Lapamar, a beachfront property where he offers kayak tours. He tells his transformational story to tourists of going from being a hunter to a defender of his natural paradise.

Hoping that after the pandemic, tourists will return, he is convinced that the exchange with people from other countries "makes him a better person."

Our goal is to help him with the maintenance of the equipment for his tour and support him with training to ensure sustainability of his rural business.

Sensory Trail
Rancho Quemado

Yolanda and Nuria dedicate their time to monitoring species in their community, Rancho Quemado, and they offer biodiversity watching tours to obtain resources and continue with their biological monitoring. The walks through the forest and night tours are a gift for nature lovers and, on their Sensory Trail, people with disabilities can feel the forest.

The pandemic has stopped their tours, which is why our campaign aims to get them help to continue their work so their small business can survive.

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