passion for life

Trained Women

Result of the project "Women with a Future" where they were given training in Life Skills, providing them with personal development tools to face daily challenges

Trained in basic management concepts that allowed them to start a business or improve the one they already had




Entrepreneurs Benefited with "Solidarity Loan"

Project that endowed them with working capital and equipment for their entrepreneurship.

Benefited from different work projects




Food packages distributed during the pandemic

Distributed among low-income families or those who were left without work due to the pandemic. In addition, 25 poor families received financial aid during 8 months of 2020.

They have benefited from the donation of natural hair wigs thanks to the “Modo Rosa” project. 


Cancer survivors


Mothers and Children Benefited

Thanks to the program "Lazos de Amor" mothers of boys and girls from 0 to 6 years old, they acquired knowledge in early stimulation

Thanks to the experience in Lazos de Amor I have learned more about secure attachment and healthy parenting for my son.

Susana acosta
Bonds of love

Personally, I felt super happy with everything I learned, I am very impressed by the progress that my baby has made thanks to all the tools they gave us in the Ties of Love workshops. Very grateful for the dedication and patience.

Denisse Mendez
Bonds of love

Fundación Horizontes meant for me a door to entrepreneurship, a support in which I strengthened and learned to love my work more and forge the goal of being better every day.

Xiomara Jimenez
Women with a Future
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