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We create and implement projects through strategic alliances with both the public and private sectors in areas related to sustainable development, especially in the empowerment of women and entrepreneurs, in sustainable tourism, environmental conservation, in the management of volunteering and corporate social responsibility programs
What do we do?

Pursuing gender equality is fundamental to achieving sustainable development. Women are catalysts for change: when women improve their livelihoods, it also improves the well-being of families, local economies and even the health of ecosystems. For this reason, at Fundación Horizontes we dedicate great efforts to female empowerment.
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We work with social organizations and the corporate sector on training and support projects for women so that they can join socially, environmentally and financially sustainable economic activities that already exist or, well, so that they can develop and position their own businesses. The women who have participated in these projects also remain in the foundation's network of suppliers for projects and initiatives in other areas of work.

At Fundación Horizontes we work with groups of women who are in a situation of poverty or vulnerability, many of them heads of households with little schooling. Our goal is to empower and prepare them in areas such as personal leadership, financial education and entrepreneurship so that they have access to better opportunities and improve their standard of living. More than 1.500 women have benefited from our different training, advice and support projects for business development, among others

Ensuring the sustainable development of tourism has a direct positive impact on the economy, the conservation of the environment and the quality of life of people, especially in countries that depend on this industry.

We carry out activities and projects together with several companies, organizations and communities in key aspects for the sector, such as evaluating and reducing the negative impact of tourism on the environment, creating new sustainable tourism initiatives and strengthening the communities that depend on this activity, among others. Some activities include managing the sustainability of tourism businesses, conducting studies on the impact of tourism on communities and the environment, training and strengthening tour guides, local communities and other industry stakeholders, and developing and promoting new sustainable tourism destinations.

Volunteering is a tool of recognized social and economic value for development initiatives, which has also become an essential part of Corporate Social Responsibility programs and educational programs in almost all academic centers. At Fundación Horizontes we have the best team and logistical capacity to create everything from volunteering tools, such as manuals and catalogs of volunteering options, to organizing events in harmony with the environment.

Hand in hand with the public and private sectors, we coordinate approximately 580 hours of volunteer work per year that involve corporate personnel, students, tourists and local residents, among others. Volunteer programs focus on meeting important needs and generating effective changes in national parks, protected areas, beaches, rivers and other valuable ecosystems for conservation and recreation, as well as in communities, schools and populations in need.
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